La Cuenta

We took another really long walk through the jungle today back to Cusapin, not by choice. Sometimes we get carried away with the moment, maybe the view, possibly the music, or is it the ice cold cervezas.. We did our best damage at the bar the other day here during lunch.  Oh, Woops are we really suppose to have to pay the bill? Com on mon, Manana?  Obviously we over ate and drank our welcome and did not have enough cash to pay such la cuenta.  Hence the trip all the way back here today.

Really am I bitching about having to take an amazing walk along perfect beaches, through small villages, and incredible jungle just to drink a few more beers? Nope it was all worth it and we are all settled up now.

Plus we made plenty of new friends along the way. These two boys followed us for quite a bit asking for a dollar.  Austin being the executive director he is for the boat told them two coconuts for a buck.  It was actually pretty humorous how the entire situation went down.  One kid, the manager, dictated to the other kid to go up the tree and get these two gringos our nuts.  So up the tree kid number two went while we settled up with the manager down on the ground.

While the kid was up there the manager yelled orders to him as he grabbed coconuts for us.  No, No, No Grande!! Grande!!  We got our nuts together 3 in all actually and looked around for a machete to open them.  This is where the executive director went wrong with his thinking in the beginning.  We had no way to open them and we were only about 15 minutes into our 1.5 hour hike.  Needless to say we carried them all the way home.


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