Torn Sails and Projects

I am back to working full time on the boat again. I am beginning to get ahead on the projects and wrap up a few last details before heading towards the San Blas for a couple of months. It is so much easier not having anyone else on the boat while I work.  I can throw stuff and rip apart anything I want and it never seems to get in the way!

Finally after sailing with a torn head sail more than 1,100 miles I’ve decided it was time to get stitched up.  I took the sail down and brought it over to my neighbors so now I am ready to head out with some decent sails.  Another huge plus us they stitched it up for FREE for me.. Talk about good people.

On another note; Can GOODS. Well not always so GOOD after all. Believe it or not most everywhere in the world has some form of fresh produce. There is no reason when provisioning to think you will be living out of cans for 6 months straight.

I took all the cans out of the lockers to clean them and to my SURPRISE about a dozen of them had rusted and exploded. This didn’t happen recently. I’m guessing it happened about 4-6 months ago.  Imagine Potato Corn Chowder all over the place. I can’t believe we couldn’t smell this inside the boat. It was horrific and I spent about 3 hours today gagging over the kitchen sink as I cleaned this mess up.


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