Isla Linton

We are back on the move once again.  I wish we could have stayed in Portobello forever, but it was time to get to the San Blas.  I was awake at 4:30 this morning finishing up my chores, prepping the boat, grocery shopping, garbage duty, and filling the water tanks up.

I need an honest judgement call on who is the sexier of the two men in the photo below!  Olivia swears its the guy carrying the water, but look at those sweet ass old stretched out blue undies, panama hat, and a true sailor sunburn. Vote in the comments!

I took some last minute shots around town before we headed out.  Memories of the chicken buses and black Christ. People come from all over to worship the black Christ here.  Its incredible the people moving in and out of the church all day everyday for prayer to the black Christ.

Finally underway we had an easy sail over to Isla Linton. Nice winds carried us on a beam reach all the way into the anchorage. The anchorage is fully protected and has great views of the mountains, islands, and reefs. 

Check out the shot of my sweet fishing skills below. I could never understand why Austin was still on board, but after this sweet ass cluster of all my fishing line from both poles I now understand why. Plus he grows the sweetest looking goat t’s and is awesome at drinking all the rum on board! A true pirate.


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