Island Exploring

Life with a good dinghy makes all the difference when cruising. After a big breakfast of homemade biscuits and bacon we headed out for a day of exploring the nearby islands.  The simplistic living on these islands blows me away. Multiple people living in small thatch and bamboo homes with little to no protection.  

The Kunas are definitely incredible people.  After seeing first hand how they live though amazes me in every way.  The floors are sand and the walls are open. They usually sleep in a few hammocks slung about inside their simple huts.  

Then again they have cell phones and TV?  Is that really traditional still? Am I living in a dream world where after sunset they all go inland to nice resort style homes? Yesterday a Kuna stopped by the boat to have me charge his DVD player all day and he took away my aluminum cans for recycling.  

Still they are amazingly kind people to let the rest of the world cruise up to their private islands and walk about through their backyards. Can you imagine waking up and walking out your back door at home to be greeted by a group of white people taking photos of the back of your home and lounging in your hammock.  I still feel bad every time I set foot on their islands to explore, but then again they are so fascinating I can’t pass the opportunity up.


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