Waisaladup, Green Island

It was time to put some miles under the keel again today. There are so many islands out here and not much of a rush to move around frequently. Some cruisers have been posted up behind their favorite island for over a year. A little to long if you ask me.

Gwen and Trevor invited us down island to hang out with them and their family for a bit and to explore to new areas. Our sail at first was perfect doing 4.5 knots downwind with just the genoa out.  Then for about 3 hours the wind died and we drifted at roughly .6 knots.  We even got passed by a plastic Coca Cola bottle!

Early afternoon the wind filled back in slightly and we cruised along at 2.3 knots for a few more hours until I decided it was getting to late to read the water so we fired up the engine and cruised the rest of the way in to the anchorage.  Trevor swam over from his boat and we all chilled in the water for a bit and had some beers on the back deck..

Navigation in the San Blas is a bit tricky if your not paying constant attention.  The chart plotter above with Navionics charts will put you on an island or reef just about all the time in this area.  The charts for it are horrible!  The Mac is running overlay charts from the Bauhaus book. They are outstanding and pretty much right on. They even have programmed waypoints and routes for most main islands.  Then why of course everything is again checked with the coordinates in the book itself in front of the Mac. All of this while trying to navigate between reef and watch the depth constantly.

This evening was entertaining as we got to meet Trevor’s mom  and their two friends. Everyone got together on the island for a bonfire, drinks, and smores.  Olivia had her first smore experience ever!  Apparently in Australia they don’t do smores!  They just have no idea what they are missing out on.


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