Baking 101-San Blas Island Style

Getting adjusted to living here in the San Blas doesn’t take long at all.  The routine is slowly beginning to fall into place.  As you can see there has not been much of anything crazy going on here.  

After waking up and having breakfast we each hop on a couch and take a nap or read for a little while.  Once the heat begins to penetrate the interior of the boat we work our way outside for a swim off the boat or go for a snorkel on the reef surrounding the boat.  Back for some lunch and some lounging around in the cockpit.  Afternoons I try and do a few small things on the boat and some cleaning.  Maybe another swim or nap followed up by some dinner and usually in bed sleeping by 8 or 9 every night..


As you can see Olivia has no problem eating all the homemade Key Lime Pie for both breakfast and dinner.  I’ve recently been getting more and more into becoming a serious baker.  I’m gathering recipes for all kinds of interesting things and have even tried a few of them out in the past week.  Baking 101 on KoKoi this week will consist of Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits, Bagels, and some breads.  I also got a weird idea to get into cheese making on board..  We will see how that mess turns out in a few weeks.


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