I had a great dive today in Coco Banderas.  Lots of large fish and some really incredible reef.  Huge ledges down to about 45′ with some big grouper and a couple nice mutton.  I would say my catch wasn’t to shabby either.  Stoked on cooking up some fresh blackened grouper.

We got together with Kirk and Maria for a beach bonfire and dinner this evening.  There is something magical about sitting around a bonfire on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean having beers with good friends.  Everyone ate a massive meal fresh fish and potatoes tossed directly on top of the hot coals.

Let me now get to introducing Kirk and Maria just a little bit. As I said yesterday Maria is single handing that beast of a steel boat in the photo below.  She has completed two circumnavigations and has close to 200,000 sea miles.  A pretty incredible feat that is for sure.  

Kirk has his own story.  A successful sales person from the U.S. who quit his job at 33 years old and went out and circumnavigated the globe.  It gets better!  He just passed his circumnav line in Cartagena, Colombia.  He did the entire trip SINGLE HANDED on a 1968 Alburg 30.  He had never sailed a day in his life when he bought the boat.  Quit work, buy old boat, clean her up, and sail her around the world single handed.  Quite the story and even crazier the character.


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