Veggie Man

I love it when the grocery store comes to us.  The veggie boat came by this morning with all of his goodies, including box wine!  Its kind of like Christmas for us when he swings by the boat.  A colorful array of fresh fruits and veggies.  He also has the other staples chicken, wine, and coca cola.  

We were especially amazed today when he had zucchini.  I have been in Panama for about 6 months now and no where have I been able to find zucchini. We sauteed some up for dinner with garlic and onion. Damn was it so incredibly delicious! 

Other than the veggie boat stopping by the rest of the day was filled with work.  I finally moved the boat to a very calm protected anchorage so we weren’t rolling anymore.  I spent the day in the engine room cleaning things up and checking all the fluids and belts. Olivia spent her time making lunch, cleaning the veggies, cutting up fresh fruit, and cleaning around the inside of the boat. 


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