Banedup, San Blas

Now that we are in a calm protected anchorage its so easy to get work done.  Most of the day was spent doing laundry and scrubbing the outside of the boat from waterline up. I knew that we were going to get water this afternoon so I wanted to use what we had left in the tanks to give KoKoi a freshwater bath.

After all of our work was done we sailed over to Rio Azucar to fill the water tanks.  Pretty interesting how they pump the water from a river way up in the mountains on the mainland out to the island.  Its pure and cold as it comes out of the hose. 

Whenever you pull your boat into a small village is a total spectacle.  Everyone comes down to say hello and check things out.  I gave everyone drinks, mostly all our cold beer, and the kids got school supplies.  I had this sweet grey hat on the boat from who knows where. I’ve been wanting to get rid of that as well so it went to one of the boys.  Everyone was stoked and when the cold beer ran out so did we straight back to sea.  

This afternoon we had an incredible 25 mile sail downwind to Banedup for the evening.  A perfect sail with 3-4 foot following seas and cruising along at around 6 knots under jib alone! A friend of ours up island needed a USB Wifi stick picked up from another boat so we got that taken care for him here and will return with it to him in a few days.


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