Life in the Blas

Life is busy around here and the weather is ever changing.  The San Blas is definitely a “special” place when it comes to the weather.  You’ve got perfect conditions all day then squalls all night blowing 30+ knots and bolts of lighting bouncing off the water and islands all around you. 

I am sure the pictures make life look like its all good, but my face in the morning after only an hour of sleep says something different. If you have ever heard an anchor chain come tight every 30 seconds to a minute you would understand.  It sounds as if a gunshot went off inside the boat.  I lay there waiting, waiting, waiting for the next one, BAM again!  That BAM is a good sign meaning we are still holding.  When I don’t here the BAM I jump out of bed run upstairs and see if we are dragging off into the reef or another boat! Good Times indeed.. 

After this shit show almost nightly I usually get up, drag myself to the fridge for some water and then go check the electronics to see if we were hit by lightening that night.  Everything working and still turning on, all good!  Back into bed around 6AM for another two hours of restless sleep.  After all this when I get up for breakfast I keep asking myself; Why do you enjoy this it really sucks!  Then the sun rises, the seas and winds calm down, and its another perfect day in the San Blas Islands.


2 thoughts on “Life in the Blas

  1. Love those underwater pics. One of your fish posses reminds me of a fish dissection lab. A guy pulls his fish out of the preservative and says, 20 bucks if someone licks the fish anus.” A girl grabbed it and tongued that ass with finesse and skill and then said, “pay up”
    I'm sitting in your old slip at hidden harbor.
    andy mellowseas


  2. HAHA, Your to much for me Andy.. If I had to guess that sounds a lot like something you would have said… Did you give her the $20?

    Email me and let me know how Bob is doing.. Tell him hello and I hope all is well..


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