Killer Duties

When people want to eat fish; as captain it is your responsibility to provide.  After another evening in the San Blas it was another Perfect day here as well.  We took in just about every activity possible on a deserted island while the sun was still up, and well then some even after it went down.
In between eating, spearfishing, beach exploring, wake surfing, and drinking rum plenty of incidentals happened as well.  Maybe a little cleaning, Austin “might have” hit on some Irish backpacker chicks, some more rum was possibly consumed, and somebody passed by the boat mooning everyone!

Then there was this little beast.  I’m saying he weighed in at about 23 lbs, but my brother insist on sending me a new digital scale!  Ok, so he wasn’t that big but plenty big enough to feed everyone for a couple days. I had just shot at a monster 40″ plus grouper from two feet away and missed, I know don’t tell me..  I swam along in total defeat until I spotted another nice grouper in the low 30″ category. Determined to not let him get away I slowly followed from the surface until he finally ducked into a hole about 35 feet down.  

Big breath and down I went to blast his ass.  I got to the bottom, stuck my head in the hole to let my eyes adjust and just as they were adjusting I saw a huge eye right in front of me.  I squeezed off a shot and went for the surface gagging for air.  After about 12 dives back down and getting all up in this nice tight hole I retrieved this beast. Not the grouper, but then again not to bad either!


One thought on “Killer Duties

  1. Well today I set up some purchase orders, got our Dredge Captain “Coffee Mate” Hazelnut creamer (because god forbid someone sent him in Dunkin Donuts Brand – what are we Heathens?), and Advil Sinus. Then I proceeded to order a dumpster and port a jons to our heavy lift yard, followed by a nice 17 dollar lunch in South Beach then topped it off setting up shuttle services and taxi rides for our Union workers and helped load an absurd amount of supplies onto our work boats — All for a lousy paycheck.


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