Rio Naranga

I finally go to do what I have wanted to do since arriving in Panama. That is to take the dinghy up a river into the mountains and explore the rainforest.  It was late afternoon before Olivia and I finally got off the boat but we still had a beautiful ride through mangroves and thick rainforest.  

I am sure some people are wondering where all the pictures are of the town, the Kuna, and their lifestyle.  It is VERY difficult to get away taking pictures while on land.  For the most part the Kuna do not want pictures taken of them.  So in respect to them we rarely bring the camera with us when we go inland. 

The Kuna come up the river in there ulu to get fresh water since Naranga has no running water.  It was incredible how they row 3+miles up this river to fill all their jugs and then row back down. These tiny boats were loaded down some with 55 gallon drums inside of them.


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