Nubisdup, San Blas Islands

 I was able to trace down my bad ground for the solar system.  It some what boggles my mind how nuts come loose over time although when installed they were cranked down on super tight.  My culprit was a loose nut on the ground side of my breaker panel.  Corrected and now charging fast and at full capacity once again. 

Since I’ve been so productive the past few days cleaning and fixing minor things here and there on the boat I went for a spearfish session this afternoon.  You would think the San Blas would be the ideal hunting grounds and untouched, but in reality the Kuna have killed just about everything on the reef here.  It is there land and reef so I am not complaining here, but then again it is very shocking. Lucky for me though they don’t eat Lionfish here which means they are about the only thing that is plentiful. 


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