This is how we spend Thanksgiving Day in the islands. I spent my entire day studying routes through the South Pacific and over to the Med from the East Coast of the U.S.  I even dreamed of possibly making a trip through Ecuador and down to Peru next year.  The Jimmy Cornell, World Cruising Routes and Destination books are both incredibly informational and inspirational.  This is the beginning of where dreams and plans of the future begin.

The crew instead decided to begin working on their art portfolios.  They are both big dreamers as well.  Austin specializes in 3D black & white art while Olivia is specializing in bright colorful whimsical artwork.  Keep your eyes open for their online gallery to open soon!  They both take extreme pride and detail in their work and will soon be selling these first pieces from $450-$1700.  So start saving those pennies now and get ready to help these poor struggling artist continue on their journey to see the world!





 Please make payment out to SV KoKoi or Cash!


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