Oh, did I forget to mention we have been out of water for two days!  This always makes things that much more fun on board. I’m not quite sure who F’d this up. I think it might have been the dam creator. 

The job of dam creator is to take a towel, roll it up, and place behind the water fill caps on the side deck.  This dam in theory should block all rain water coming down the deck and fill our tanks.  We had such a heavy rain a few nights ago it could have filled a tanker truck.  That is if the dam creator had not left a two inch gap between the toe rail and towel, i.e. dam. In other words shit happens and we have been waterless!

It has been quite a busy day around here.  Early morning we did some boat chores and then went on an island hike to explore a new sand and palm tree covered atoll.  The anchor was up soon there after and we were on our way over to Rio Azucar.  The holy land for water here in the San Blas.

After our quick fill up and lack of finding fried chicken we piled back on board and had an incredible sail down to Salurdup where we met up with Peregrine. I bought some lobster… I mean Austin caught the lobster in the photo below.  A few sun downers later and we were back on the boat and sleeping.


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