Helado Hot

We pulled into Rio Azucar today for our routine fill up on the water tanks.  We got lucky enough to side tie to a Colombian trading boat.  If you have ever seen or smelled one of these you know just how “lucky” we were for the 3 hours we were rafted up next to them. In the meantime we worked on the boat and some of us got lucky enough to get off and walk around town.  

It wasn’t soon there after that I found the helado shop, ice cream,  in the living room of someone’s house.  I couldn’t have been happier and neither could the home owners.  They were making a killing off selling us 60 cent cups of ice cream.  Nice, cold, and creamy chocolate chip and vanilla.  I can’t even begin to remember when the last time I had ice cream.  It felt good and turned that huge trading boat frown into a massive smile for the rest of my day. 


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