Rolling in the New Year

Getting invited to a beach party for a few days to roll in the New Year sounded intriguing.  Especially when the invite came from the party boy himself.  Obviously things got out of control right from the get go.  I showed up late, tall boy in hand and my party face on.  Dinner was served and the juices of many distillery were being poured.  Including a huge selection of home brews from some very talented gentleman from across the U.S.

I’m still not quite sure on the theme, but I have been missing out on the years of previous New Year parties here on the beach.  The night rolled on and the good Southern food began to be served.  Everyone ate it all up, pour more drinks and set for the beach for the rest of the evening.  I would elaborate from here, but I was asked to leave it at that.  Lets just say it was a hell of a wild time!


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