Plenty has happened in the past few days.  I left the beach house at noon on the 2nd and drove to New Orleans.  After arriving I got my belongings, a single backpack, and headed back out the door to meet my cousin.  He was headed back to SCAD for school and was kind enough to let me hitchhike a ride to Florida with him.  We drove through the night and I arrived at 4AM on the 3rd in Jacksonville, FL.  Soon there after I crashed out on an over packed sailboat full of crap and no electricity.

So this is where things began on my latest journey in life.  I slept for a few hours and was up working on the boat as the sun came up on the horizon. I worked night and day on the boat until this morning when I was finally ready to leave the marina.

At first light on the 5th I pulled away from the marina with broken shift and throttle cables!  Things begin to get exciting here.  I came within inches of taking out the bow of a sports fish since the gears wouldn’t engage.  After a near miss with my friends new to him boat I headed South for St Augustine via the ICW.  An easy overall trip except when I got to the Bridge of Lions and once again realized that the cables were broken.

I pushed my luck and glided into St Augustine Marine since their dock is like a landing strip for the space shuttle.  Its enormous and easy to get on and off.  My close friend Flounder was kind enough to grab some lines so I didn’t take out the mega yacht 30 feet in front of me upon entering. If this is any indication of how the next few months are going to go it should be pretty interesting.


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