Let the Fun Begin

Its dissection time of this old boat.  I know so many of you write about refitting a boat to go cruising.  As much as I love reading about it I would be more inclined to read stories about you getting pirated at sea or catching overhead barrels in Indo or maybe even chilling with the Indians deep in the jungle somewhere.  Well here it goes for all of you out there wondering about “How to refit a cruising boat and leave the dock in 10 days!”

First you need to find yourself a really old boat, and preferably have someone else own it.  Someone else owning the vessel is the key to success in going cruising in 10 days. Make sure your friend has deep pockets or it will take you much longer to get off the dock.  Once the boat is acquired you will need to take it on a “sea trial” which in turn means attempt to break everything possible on the boat that same day! 

Refit Day 1: 

Things are going well already.  All the batteries on board are DEAD, Throttle and Shift cables are broken,   Engine hoses are missing hose clamps and some hoses are even torn and leaking fluids(yet to be determined what kind), most of the exterior lights do not work or are way past their date of service, heat exchanger has no fluid, oil is slightly low, both heads leak Big time, and the list goes on from here.

On a better note I made it 55 miles so far and we are still afloat! Air high five to me.  Other good notes on board: fridge is working, interior lights work, fans check, my aft cabin is huge and very comfy, bimini is in decent shape, and the boat seems solid and comfortable.


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