Time Bomb

Ever played in an engine room?  Are you missing a few knuckles? Ever repeatedly cursed out a big block of metal as if it were trash talking right back to you? Welcome to the engine of a sailboat.  We have reached the stage of engine work.  The oil is changed, shift/throttle cables replaced, coolant levels topped off, a new water pump installed, fuel filters changed, air intake cleaned out, belts tightened, alternator checked, and numerous other items off the list.

The below is a picture of kaboom.  That copper pipe transfers propane from the tank to the stove inside the boat.  Paul was attempting to change a shutoff valve on the stove and asked for me to take a look.  After sticking my head in the cabinet I noticed that nice green coating about one inch above that HOLE in the line.  Corrosion? I believe so, maybe I should inspect this further.  I gave a good tug on the line and surprise a hole in the line.  Thanks to all my friends for feeding me over the past week.  I’m pretty sure all new gas lines are in order for the boat now!*see below

* This is serious shit.  I have done a ton of dumb shit in life and am still alive, but dieing from something so simple is idiotic.  Luckily for me I never used the gas and upon boarding the boat a week ago I turned it off at the tank. Why? I have no idea, but sometimes believe it or not I am all safety first.  

This pipe was hidden behind cabinet walls in the boat and not easily visible.  It was chafing between that shelf and the hull where water build up created and caused corrosion.  You can see the white area above the hole is just corrosion powder and about to collapse as well.  

Take this shit seriously if you read this far.  Replace your gas lines in your boat. I did a technical setup with multi shut offs and a T valve.  Total cost: $140.00


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