Does this title even remotely describe how I feel about St. Augustine and the people here?  After living here for so long I have made friendships with some truly incredible people.  All of which made this “How to refit a boat and go cruising in 10 days” actually happen.


For helping stop me from hitting a megayacht at St Augustine Marine after the shifter/throttle cables went out on the boat.  Then from there giving me a courtesy tow over to another marina so I could work on the boat for a week. 

The Brothers:

Where should I begin with these two.. Well they are both America’s most eligible bachelors.  Thanks for the endless amount of hours you helped working on the boat and driving me around town.  Then after a day of hard work you showed me I could still keep up with you young guns shotgunning beers and dancing the night away till 5AM.

First Mate Yacht Services:

Thanks to Trish for getting me all my parts pronto and being patient with me trying to figure out what we needed.  Also a huge thanks to Mikey and all the guys over there for hooking me up with endless amounts of free knowledge and also hooking me up with the work on the raw water pump.

Courtesy Gas:

Thanks to Steve and Teir for knocking out the gas lines so fast.  Steve even stopped by the boat to check everything over and make sure we were good to go.  How often do the gas guys stop by for free just to make sure your happy and all good!


For not eating all the donuts!  Also being one of the funniest guys I know.  Having you around always keeps spirits high.  As much as you enjoy watching me work from the dock I enjoy listening to all your bullshit stories.  Thanks for all the rides, use of the car, and having plenty of good meals and beers with me.  It was great seeing you once again sir!

Spring Moon Signs:

Peter once again hooked me up with a great boat graphic.  The Floridian is now official. What better way then to barter a boat graphic for a 12 pack of Heinken, and then enjoy those beers with your boy while he makes it for you.  Thanks again man it was great seeing you. 

Everyone else:

All the other people that lend me a hand, hooked me up with a ride, fed me a meal, and drank the night away dancing and having a good time.  It was a blast St. Aug and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.


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