Coconut Grove

The past few days we have spent anchored off Star Island in South Beach Miami.  A pretty interesting place to say the very least.  I’ve been spending most of my time just walking around people watching and taking in everything the area has to offer.  

Around mid morning we pulled anchor and moved further South to Coconut Grove.  A neat small community on the South side of downtown Miami.  It reminds me of a mix of cities on the East Coast with a little bit of the Miami vibe mixed in there as well.  

There is a massive mooring field here at Dinner Key that takes up the prime real estate obviously.  The rest of the anchorage is pretty well exposed but so be it when your not paying for anything.  The town is pretty interesting with plenty of cool small bars, shops, restaurants, and other touristy type places.  It is defintely high end though and there is nothing cheap about hanging out here.  

The sailing vibe here seems to be pretty cool so far, but that could be just because they are having the World Cup for a few different classes here right now. Some of the worlds best sailors flying around the harbor is pretty wild to see.  I am pretty stoked to actually be able to check out the racing when it starts next week.  Well that is if we are still here.


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