Day Sail

Its that time again to try and get out and break some things on the boat.  After plenty of long hard hours working on things we took the night off and went over to Bill Baggs Park on Key Biscayne.  The sailing was perfect and with just the genoa out we were pushing well over 7 knots a few times.  Nothing broke on the boat which was a  huge surprise as well!

Since nothing on the boat broke something had to break on me instead.  I was about to roller furl in the genoa and had the sheet in my left hand.  I was steering with my knee and trying to grab another line when the sail reloaded and slammed my hand into the bimini frame.  It doesn’t look so bad in the photos since the quarter size chunk of skin that is torn off is nicely laid back over the bone of my knuckle.  The pain is pretty excruciating and there is probably something crushed or broken in there some where.  As of now I have decided to give it a few days and see what happens.


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