Colorful Place

Sometimes it feels like making headway on a boat is really taking two steps backwards.  As soon as one thing is fixed it tends to cause a chain reaction of something else to break.  It is actually a nightmare to obtain a part in the land of parts here.  I totally forgot what traffic was like.  Just to run out for some lexan and a few boat parts takes about 6 hours out of the day.  At least that is what the past few days have been like around here.  All the boat projects that were added to the list are at a stand still because of another part or project that needs to be completed first.

There really isn’t much more to write about the exciting life here in Miami.  I have pretty much experienced all my brain can handle of the American Dream.  After bashing my hand up pretty good it has put me out of commission to do just about anything.  Put the icing on the cake with me getting bad allergies and post nasal drip.  On a better note I’ve been taking lots of awesome naps and just lounging around on the boat at anchor.  Just being out on the water is like being in a totally different world for me. There is definitely a crazy sense of freedom being away from all the hustle bustle that is surrounding me here.  I feel the islands calling and a need to get back out there to nature ASAP.


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