Beer Me

Well deserved..  I’m finally coughing up the rest of my cold and ready to get back on the daily beat.  The hand is healing nicely and within a few more days I will hopefully be on my way over to the islands.  Paul has been cursing the charge controller for the past couple days because it hasn’t been charging the batteries when the generator is running..  Hmmm.  Who knew sometimes it took a few minutes to turn on and begin its charge cycle once the gennie was kicking strong.  Lesson learned.  

After spending an entire day taking it apart and reinstalling it we figured this simple little fix, patience.  Other than that we checked on the arch and all is well with it being built.  Hoping to get it finally installed tomorrow along with the solar. The lexan windows were coming along nicely until they were cleaned with acetone.  Who knew acetone melted plastic?  So new windows are soon to be installed within the next day as well.  

Put some icing on the cake the car broke down and is stuck in a parking garage somewhere in South Beach tonight.  Obviously I am playing my part and doing what is done best.  Finding free internet and sniffing out a college night.  Weird considering I am usually in bed well before the socialites show up now a days.  I better get back at it though there is plenty of Sweetwater 420 waiting behind those beautiful taps begging to be brought out in public..  Sounds kind of like college girls..  Begging to be brought out of their dorms, away from their parents, and shown a tequila bar!  If I were only still that young..

Till manana bottoms up!


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