Ciao New Orleans

I’m going to roll back time a little bit here.  The last anyone heard I was in Miami moving a boat towards the islands.  Things fell apart with the boat owner and we had a difference of opinion on things so I jumped ship in early February and went to New Orleans.  Let the good times roll!

It was a great month seeing my family, meeting new people, hanging with old friends, and getting to play with my favorite two little boys.  I spent plenty of time out on the lake fishing and crabbing.  When that wasn’t going on I was usually out trying to get into something.  Things ranged from getting asked to a wedding, late night outings, early morning Bloody Marys,  fine dining functions, playing with sailboats, going to see opera, throwing it down for Mardi Gras, and the list goes on…

Then one day I woke up feeling stuck.  Scared I wasn’t moving and wondering how had I ended up in New Orleans for a month..  It was fun New Orleans, but it was also time to get some adventure back in my blood.  

Panama Bound!


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