Broke Down

Sometimes things break and when they do it is an all day affair to fix them.  The pull start on the engine was broken so Christian and I took it apart for a “quick rebuild”.  Its funny how it took us 3 hours to figure out how to rewind and rebuild the springs.  Had we known what we were doing even in the least bit this project would have taken less than 5 minutes.  Hard knocks.  

Finally all excited about going to do some diving we hop in the dinghy and take off.  We made it about 200 yards from the marina before the engine died and wouldn’t restart.  Ah, I love this life.  I changed the plugs, checked connections, etc.  Nothing seemed to be working when I got the engine revved up above idle.  Clogged high speed jet, probably..  I took the carburetor all apart and rebuilt it.  Somehow a small sliver of metal ended up clogging the high speed jet as was anticipated.  Carb rebuild number 8!

So rebuilding the carb and pull start took roughly 7 hours out of our day.  Needless to say no diving was done, no new adventures or exploring, no surf…  Just some cold beers and new friends at the local bar in town. Another great day gone!


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