The thought of trying to get boat work done when you left your brain last night at the bar is tough.  Instead we make greasy over stuffed BLT’s and watch episodes of Jerry Springer and any other random stupid stuff on Youtube to make ourselves feel better about our own lives.  BTW if you haven’t seen the Love Up in Smoke episode it is hilarious!

So instead of boat work daily we have been sleeping in then hitting the beach around lunch time for some much needed R&R.  

Then around four o’clock in the afternoon we find ourselves at a waterfront bar questioning going out that evening.  After a few beers there and making some new friends all of our plans for not going out that night are thrown out the window.  Soon there after we find ourselves going from one wild bar to another doing shots of tequila and dancing the night away on different docks through out the city.  Guess it could be worse like having to go to work tomorrow.

Dear Waves,
Please come soon to save me from another night of total debauchery and great times.



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