Snakes on a Boat

Its always nice when a local Indian swings by with a cayuco full of lobster for just a few bucks.  A deal that just can’t be passed up.  Soon there after Marshall rolled up with a red tail boa he found behind his house hanging in a tree.  I’m not scared of much but snakes really freak me out. Check out those insane colors on him though, an absolutely beautiful snake.

 War wound from a couple days ago.  After dropping in and getting caught in a nice barrel I thought all the sudden I was a pro surfer and would try to throw a huge air.  That huge air was nothing but the board coming out from under me and me landing on the fins.  No bueno that is for sure, but it didn’t stop me from surfing the rest of the day.  Still a little tender but healing well.

We all took a ride over to Basti town with Marshall to check out some property and hang with some friends over there.  It amazes me the difference in the vibe just an island away.  Quiet and super chill without all the hustlers, loud music, and wild backpackers.  When I come back to Bocas to surf for the season this is definitely where I will be living.  Deep in the jungle away from everything.

Getting ready for the shhhh! party this evening.  The island is closed down completely for a religious holiday which means no alchol sales.  Instead a local is throwing the shhhh! party at his private waterfront estate this evening.  About 2000of the wildest islanders and backpackers partying till the sun comes up.  Should be a pretty interesting evening.


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