Lazy Days

Everyone woke up around mid day wondering where we were and what happened last night.  Susan and I were smart and took a taxi home around who knows what time.  Christian on the other hand decided to stick it out and ride home with some friends who have a Panga.  They all hopped in just as the sun was rising and took off for the islands.  Ooops, someone forgot to fill the gas tanks.  They ended up drifting in pouring down rain for a few hours before getting a tow.  He ended up rolling in around 9AM.  Better he than I.  All in all though the party was insane with lots of good debauchery, drinking, and music.

The perfect hangover cure is lounging around in the water beach side under some palms.  I am a firm believer that saltwater cures everything! After a couple of hours pumping water and gatorade into our systems we finished off the day taking Susan for a dive at Hospital Point.  Laid back and easy living today just as we like it around here.


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