Finally out of the marina and getting back underway.  It feels great to have the boat moving once again. Still working out the kinks though.  The throttle cables are a little sticky from sitting for so long.  The RPMs wouldn’t come down under 2000 even to shift gears.  Made things a little interesting at first.  Christian and I took turns in the engine room adjusting cables and oiling all the fittings while Susan steered.  After about 30 minutes of working the cables back and forth they are back to how they should be, nice and smooth.

We filled up with diesel, did more provisioning, and anchored out for the evening.  Its hard to describe but being anchored out in a bay is very magical feeling.  The cool breeze coming through the hatches as the boat gently rocks back and forth on its anchor.  So stoked right now I can’t even begin to put it into words.


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