If only we had a freezer.  Now we are working strictly on a maintenance program to keep the fridge stocked daily.  It really feels good to be back out and away from everything.  It feels a little weird that because there wasn’t much going on in Providencia at all.  Maybe I just can’t stand being around excess amounts of people for very long.  Well for now I am back in my zone.
The small sand spit of land here houses 1000’s of lobster traps for local Honduran fisherman.  When the season begins they will use the island as a stopping point to repair traps, pick up provisions, etc.  Right now though the island is owned by 1000’s of Boobies laying their eggs and raising their newborns.  Really cool being able to get so up close with these guys. They are also a trip and will make you laugh hysterically while you cruise around checking them out.  Squawking at you, waddling around, chasing you off from their nest, and staring you down.


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