The wind has picked up making diving the reef a little challenging but more so making the visibility underwater pretty crappy.  I think that I finally rolled out of bed around mid afternoon.  Just after completing my last two James Patterson books I had on board.  I’m becoming more and more like my old man daily.  Bed at 10, pee at 1, can’t go back to sleep so read till 3:30, get a snack, fall asleep at 3:45, wake up 6 and read some more..  It just keeps rotating in the cycle.  I’m guessing it just comes with old age though or at least that is what I am chalking it up to.  

Other than that the only other excitement today was this fisherman stopping by trying to trade lobster for beer and cigs.  Every sailor knows even if you don’t smoke having cigs on board is mandatory. Reason 1,016; trading one cigarette for 2 monster lobster, Deal!


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