After an easy downwind 150 miles we got a glimpse of landfall in Guanaja, Honduras.  Always cool to see new mountains rise up out of the ocean as the sunrises to great you to another country.  We dropped anchor around 3PM off the “cay” as most of the locals call it.  I went through the grueling 30 minute check in process that cost me a total of $9.00.  Why aren’t all countries this good?  One week in Colombia $180 and roughly 7 hours spent on checking in and out…  One year in Honduras $9.00?  Anyways I guess that is neither here nor there.  

I was very surprised to find that the Bay Islands are well known for their shrimping fleet.  Huge steel boats line the shore everywhere around here getting ready for the upcoming season.   The cay is pretty cool in itself.  Very laid back and easy going with plenty of good stores for shopping and a nice handful of bars and restaurants to stop and grab a cold one.  

I’m really looking forward to checking out the island.  The mountainous terrain should make for some nice hiking, the beaches in the area look incredible, and the reef here is mind blowing.  I’m shocked that tourism hasn’t taken this island over like it did in Roatan.


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