I think this has been one of the busiest days I’ve had in quite some time.  The morning started off at 5:30 for a hour and half workout session.  Which included a 600 yard swim, 600 yard paddle on the surfboards, 2 laps around the anchorage wake surfing, and the usual sit-ups, crunches, pullups, flutter kicks, etc.  I have to admit that I haven’t felt this good in a really long time.

Christian and I made a bomb buffet breakfast with pancakes, bacon, whip cream, fruit, yogurt, cereal, milk, and OJ.  What are we thinking? Health nuts all the sudden? Someone quitting drinking? Prep for a new adventure?  This is something we ourselves still haven’t figured out.  Might just be old age and the fact the lbs.aren’t shredding away by themselves anymore.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls… Remember that song?  Well that is exactly what we did with our day.  after breakfast we hopped in the dinghy and headed for the North side of the island.  The ride was beautiful through a mangrove swamp surrounded by the mountains that then opened back up into the ocean which was glassed over completely. We cruised down the beach in search of a small stream when in reality we should have been looking for a trickle of water across the sand.  After about a 30 minute hike through the jungle and then rock hopping we finally came across this refreshing waterfall.

The day just keeps getting better. Before heading back to boat we made a quick pit stop at the Green Flash for a few beers.  I’m not sure why its called the green flash because no one has ever actually seen the green flash.  Finished up quick there so we could snorkel the outer reef then back to the boat.  Someone obviously is holding the lucky horseshoe today because we scored fresh caught tuna for $2/lb. Spent the evening drinking fresh fruit smoothies with a hint of rum and devouring all kinds of different sushi rolls courtesy of Christian.  Damn I am feeling alive today!


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