Fish On!  The trip over to Roatan was pretty easy.  I mean just look at the glassed over seas in the background.  About 5 miles before entering French Cay Harbor we slayed this nice Mahi.  Looks like the meals on the boat just got stepped up a notch for the next few days.

A really cool ass older couple we met in Guanaja were sailing just in front of us on the way over and we happened to snap this sweet pic of them an a waterspout coming down.  They have been cruising for 16 years non stop.  I’m sure they have seen one or two of these in their day, but its always cool to see mother nature at her finest.

Immediately after dropping anchor in the harbor these 3 kids paddled over on sections of the wall from a walk in cooler.  They asked for food and said they were very hungry.  We supplied cookies and they were super stoked.  I must say very polite as well with both a please and a thank you!

 We took a nice walk around the harbor and checked out the town for a bit before sunset.  After stumbling across the Roatan Yacht Club for some cheap beers it was hard to leave and cook dinner.  When the Mahi calls its time to leave though and we had blackened tacos for dinner, my favorite.


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