Little French Cay is the small island we are currently anchored off.  This morning we went over to see what all the talk was about.  Its definitely a cruise ship destination trap, but since we had the place to ourselves it was pretty interesting.  They had a small zoo with plenty of cool animals including tons of monkeys that were hilarious. 

After arriving back at the Roatan Yacht Club we met up with Angel, the manager.  He offered to take us on a tour of the island and out to West End Bay for free which was sick as hell.  He is a super laid back fun going guy.  He showed us everything West of French Cay Harbor.  Took us for drinks and sandwiches at one of his local places and pounded down numerous tequila shots before driving us back through the mountains to the yacht club.  A long fun trip at night for sure. 

Nates birthday party must have been a blast.  If only we could have stuck around for the evening to participate in the pinata/Viagra party.  The luck that I have it would end up being a rainbow party from San Fran or Key West down here celebrating.


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