Life is back to normal around here.  You can ask just about any sailor and they will tell you cruising is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  My last post obviosuly expressed those feelings.  After having been in a rut for some time I’m beginning to climb back up to the high stages of cruising once again.  Looking forward to cruising on through the Rio and Belize over the next month.  Possibly get some spearfishing in and easy sailing between small islands in the barrier reef.

I’m pretty confident in saying I have found the most chill island in the Western Caribbean.  We arrived in Utila a couple days ago and this place is incredible.  The people are all super laid back and the vibe around here is beyond mellow.  I could see myself sitting here for a very long time, but there is no surf or spearfishing.  Both of those are very important aspects of my life so it looks like one day soon I will begin sailing on.  

In the meantime I’m enjoying the hammock life for a change.  I’ve taken a few nice long walks around the island and enjoyed the afternoons laying under a palm.  I’m usually a little more active than this but it really feels good to slow the pace and just relax for a bit.


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