After more than a month at the dock working all hours of the day and night things are coming together.  There have been 100’s of small items that needed attention that have since been checked off the list.  The biggest project I came across so far was the dreaded keel bolts.  I had been putting this off for, well maybe a few years to be honest.  As the pictures show anyone can really tell why.

With the help of many friends over the course of two weeks and trying numerous different ideas I was able to get them changed.  A huge amount of relief has now been taken off my shoulders and the boat after getting out of the yard will be ready to sail off once again.

In the meantime Olivia arrived from Australia to come back and help out with the boat and do some sailing.  She tackled most all the interior/exterior lockers, metal polishing, isinglass shining, and the exterior woodwork.  I on the other hand dug into the technical systems, changed fluids, hoses, zincs, wiring, etc through out the boat.  During these smaller projects I did a rebuild on the generator and also made a strong armed attempt to rebuild the windlass.  As time began to run out the windlass went back on the boat unfixed and for the time being I will be breaking my back trying to pull the anchor up everyday.

Then it was off to the yard to get hauled.  Olivia needs to be out of the country by December 9th so the pressure has realy been put on me to get the boat moving.  We got hauled at Seabrook in Nola and immediately set to work.  I had numerous friends come out from all over to help me get the boat completely finished in 4 days.  

This consisted of rebuilding the dodger (windshield) and Mackpac. Thanks to Guy for bringing out the sewing machine and spending endless hours in the heat getting it done with me.  The bottom had about half a dozen blisters just in the paint surface about the size of a pinky nail.  Those were repaired and the bottom received two coats of Trinidad SR bottom paint.  Olivia and Billy took care of finishing the woodwork on deck with 4 coats of varnish.  I spent the remaining time with Steve and Pat putting 3 coats of new paint on the boot stripe and compound/waxing the entire hull.  

All of this was finished and the boat back in the water in less than 4 days.  How I put it all together and made it happen I have no idea.  I can’t thank all my Nola friends enough for coming out and helping me put the final touches on the boat.


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