All the Sudden I Woke Up….

… And there was a beautiful sunrise.  I knew the sea was calling and it was time to head out on a new adventure in life. SO… I headed back out to sea once again.  This time with Olivia from Australia who many of you may know from sailing with me in Panama and the San Blas.

 There were dolphin along the way and I ran into an old sailing friend, Duff!  He sailed for a couple of hours down the ICW with us and hopped off once his chariot arrived just outside of Destin, FL.

Up to this point we have sailed the entire way.  UNTIL we entered this “ditch”.  Motored for a day through it and over to Panama City, FL.

Along the way we saw.. hmm, Well honestly nothing really exciting minus a pelican and another sunrise.  We arrived in PC just in time to meet up with a good friend of mine Steve who was hopping aboard for a little sail down to Tampa.  Then out of nowhere as we were having beers in the cockpit there was this pretty wild fireworks show going on downtown.  Kind of like a safe passage going away party from a distance. 

Then 245 miles later we sailed into St. Petersburg after a perfect thirty-five hour sail across the Gulf of Mexico.  We celebrated with drinks for happy hour and took our first day of rest.

A day later we caught the wind South down to Fort Meyers and later through the Okochobee Waterway.  Finally ending up in Stuart after passing up/down through 5 locks, a huge inland freshwater lake, and plenty of motoring.

After 15 days and 725 miles of travel from before the sun came up and till after it went down I am now chilling in Stuart, FL.  Olivia flew back to Australia and I have been finishing boat projects and riding out constant cold fronts blowing 20+ kts 24/7.  Currently sitting in a coffee shop checking weather reports and wondering if this will ever end.


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