Bahamas Boi

I can’t believe its been so long since my past post.  So much has happened in that time frame.  I spent a couple weeks trying to rebuild my windlass in Fort Lauderdale.  It happened to be a total fail and I cant rebuild the motor or get a replacement, so in the trash with that idea.

Austin came down and we chased waves for a few days and partied like the good ole days in the islands.  Soon there after I got the itch and couldn’t sit any longer.  I was beginning to feel like I was growing roots in South Florida.  I said my last good byes to all my Miami crew, motored past the Miami skyline and out into the deep blue sea.

The next afternoon I sailed into Bimini and I just can’t describe the feeling sitting here once again in the islands with a nice breeze, great diving/fishing, and crystal clear water levitating Kokoi in the anchorage.  Since then I have done yoga on the beach with my onboard instructor Joana, dove a wreck, speared some nice lobs and a couple hogfish, and missed a couple monster grouper and mutton.

Throw in some great new sailing friends, lobster tacos, and some cold kaliks and life is really good.  I lost touch with myself and reality in New Orleans from the rebuild to partying with some amazing people..  Now that I am back in my groove and in the islands I feel amazing.  Its amazing what salt air and saltwater does for the body.  So hopefully from here on out I will continue to write, shoot photos, and update everyone on whats going on out here!


5 thoughts on “Bahamas Boi

  1. Hi Matt, Christmas in the sand and surf…not bad! Guy has a card for you from me. Sharon and I are ringing in the New Year with C&O. Wishing you all the best in the New Year and hoping to visit you somewhere along the way. Love, Kim


  2. Nice hogfish! Bimini is nice for how close it is to Miami, yet it's a world away. It's funny, I was delivering a 39 Leopard in November and cruising down the ICW after dark and hailing bridge tenders when I heard a boat named Koi-Koi hailing a bridge in front of us. Must have been you as it's a pretty distinctive name! I'd read your blog occasionally and thought you were in Panama or something though.


  3. Bill,

    Thanks man. Bimini was great. It probably was me on the radio you heard in front of you. I was in Panama then we sailed back to the US, rebuilt the boat this summer, and now headed down to the Eastern Carib. Next time you hear or see KoKoi stop by for some drinks!


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