Guy, friend of mine from NOLA, flew in late last night and we pulled anchor in Bimini around 10PM and headed out to sea.  After an over nighter from Bimini we arrived around late afternoon on New Years Eve in Chub Cay just in time for the party to get fired up.

Maloney took control of the helm and acted as Captain for the day while her first mate Guy reeled in some really smelly, crappy barracuda for her.  I would love to not have to admit to losing about a 50lb bull dolphin, but then again my fishing luck hasn’t been on par lately.  

We did have some excitement though when reeling in a cuda a six foot shark came out of no where, trailed the boat for a bit and slammed the hell out of the cuda Guy was reeling in. 

Another beautiful anchorage and amazing sunset to finish off an easy passage.  We had the best seat in the house for the most amazing fireworks show that just would not end.  Amazing what rich people are willing to spend on things that go, boom!  Well worth it though for us since we were the only boat in the harbor overlooking an amazing beach.

Now for the good stuff.  Partying through the night for New Years.  Don’t ask because I don’t think any of us really know.  We dinghied into shore and went to Hilltop Bar, a bar that wasn’t on a hill..  It was more like a sweet single wide trailer on the side of the road.  With full bellies after dinner and plenty of rum on the boat we took it to a whole new level at the bar.  

Everyone was in their prime dancing and drinking the evening away.  We left the bar, yelled at some roosters in the trees (some of us thought they were people) weird, and amazingly made it back to the boat for the annual late night skinny dip session off the back deck.  From there on who really knows what happened, but it sure was a damn good time. 


One thought on “GAME ON

  1. Ha .. love the pictures. While I sit here in the cold and wet Louisiana weather (at work) I can't think of a better way to spend New Year's .. in the Bahamas! Damn, we'd better be headed that way by next New Year's!

    Happy 2015 Matt!


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