Nassau, Bahamas

A typical morning meeting between Guy and I.  The working of brains to discuss stock market moves, real estate opportunities, any new business ideas, and why of course retirement.  Its always good to sit around and waste a few hours away with this guy.

Seriously, Caucasian haircuts and executive grooming!  What a deal..  I thought a haircut was a haircut, but I am obviously mistaken.  So I can get a white person grooming for an executive meeting at this place.  Sweet Deal!

We met up with some friends of Guy’s that live and work here in Nassau.  Did a quick rum tour and some lunch on the island at the Fish Fry.  Not a bad way to waste away the middle of and island day.  Met some really cool people that do some damn interesting things in life. 

Cos flew out around mid day and that left us with a wild evening at the Atlantis.  When we first came into the harbor we tried to get a slip at the Atlantis for a few nights.  Not cheap but I am sure it would have been a total blast.  Instead we walked over and toured a bit of the aquarium and donated some of our money to their charity. 


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