DSC 9001

Started the day with breakfast from the best chef to have ever come out of Portugal, Joana.  The usual morning meal consist of a pound bacon and a massive amount of fried potatoes with all the fixings. I figure doing this every morning is a good healthy meal to start off another day in the islands. At least if I continue on with my daily dive routine, skateboarding, and long hikes.

I’m not sure if it is the bacon grease covering the cabinets, ceiling, and floor near the stove but oddly enough we have be inundated with flys recently. Usually this doesn’t tend to be a problem and after vacuuming, bleaching everything, and oiling all the interior wood they disappear and move on. Something tells me these flys are here to stay awhile. Especially when I catch them doing the dirty on the kitchen table.

DSC 9003

We sailed out of Hatchet Bay with perfect conditions downwind to Rock Sound, Lutra.  A perfect day to be on the water.  Most of which was spent cleaning, nursing a minor hangover, and jamming out to some tunes.  Soon enough we will be in the Exumas island chain sailing through some of the most gorgeous water in the Bahamas.

DSC 8999


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