After a long easy sail across the Exuma Sound we pulled into Highbourne Cay to get some sleep for the evening.  It was Joana’s birthday, which I didn’t find out till after dinner was over, so we stuck a couple candles in a brownie and celebrated for all of about 30 seconds.  

I’ve been thinking plenty lately about why I have not been writing much.  There are two reasons for this. 

One being that nothing really exciting or adventuress has been happening out here.  It has been a pretty mellow year.  After having sailed all of Central America it makes the Bahamas seem like sailing on a pond in Midwestern USA.  Which is good for me considering I’ve had enough drama and headaches in Central America to last me at least a good six months of cruising.  

Reason two being that I didn’t have internet on board the boat; till now.  Plus I couldn’t find a decent offline program to blog from for the Mac.  I bought a new PC laptop that has some form of Windows 8.  Which for me is a real pain in the ass to use and totally confusing.  So in turn I said screw it.  I know none of these are actually good excuses. 

I guess there is a small third reason and that is just its a total fucking pain in the ass editing photos and writing all the time.  I find myself spending much more of my time now in the water or taking naps in the cockpit. I always think about getting back to writing and photography again.  Sometimes I am all for it and others I just want to sit back and enjoy the sunset.

Guess I really got use to living in Central America after all.  So in turn I will make more of an effort to stay on top of the blog in the future.  Well maybe…


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