Today was one of those EPIC days living on the water where everything goes oh so perfect.  The wind died down and me motored our way to Galliot Cut. Spent the morning getting down here and the afternoon wakesurfing, diving, eating, and drinking with good friends.

We wake surfed around the harbor in pure glass for a couple hours before heading out to get some diving in on the outer reef.  

Joana has taken the protective motherly position on board with the sunscreen making sure I am coated before I am allowed to play.  I grabbed the “selfie” stick and headed out for the foredeck to take some shots.  Soon there after she was running out with the sunscreen to make sure I was well coated and didn’t grow old at a young age!  Might be a little to late for that but every little bit helps I guess.


DSC 9032

DSC 9022

DSC 9061

DSC 9064

DSC 9079

Follow that up with an amazing meal on a friend of ours boat with some drinks and call it a day.  These are the days that magazines some how make everyday look like when cruising.





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