Joanna left to had off back to work Sunday and yesterday I just spent the day cleaning up the boat and knocking out a few small projects.  It was a little to windy to dive offshore today so we stopped in on a lagoon that was totally protected and glassy for some wakesurfing.

As we were pulling up to the beach a lady walked out on her dock about a 100 yards away.  We all waved to her and said hello.  She in turn stared us down.  After a few seconds passed we waved again, and she crossed her arms and stared harder.  We pulled up to the beach and pulled the dinghy ashore.  She continued to stare so I took it upon myself to approach her.  From about 50 feet away I asked if there was a problem.  She told me that she owned all this property including the massive house and dock.  I again asked her if there was a problem.  She said she owned the brush where we had just pulled the dinghy onto the beach.  I had to explain to her that for no reason were we going to trek into this dense thorn filled brush and we were just chilling on the beach.  I then explained to her that she did not own the beach and asked her if she understood.  She stormed off back up the hill to her mansion.  Fucking hate rich people..  Think they own everything just because they have money, assholes!

From there on out everything went fine.  Her husband walked out on the dock to check on his $300k center console fishing boat.  We waved. He smiled.  Probably glad I put his bitch wife in her place for a change.  We enjoyed the afternoon on the beach wakesurfing and drinking beers while she sat on her porch wishing she could be having as much fun as us.















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