I never took the time in all of my trips to G’town to cover all the trails on the island here.  Now that I have covered most of them I can say I am truly impressed.  I even find myself waking up early just to go on a walk now a days.  Which reminds me…  I am sort of concerned about this behavior.  Must come with age or something along those lines.  I feel my muscles aching, my back sore, and a need for a brisk walk.  What ever happened to sleeping in till noon and hair of the dog the rest of the day.

A quick shot of me scaling down a massive rock wall with no safety gear on.  It was a pretty intense drop of roughly 4 feet but I managed to make it down unscathed and continue down the trail.
I was threatened by some of the older crowd here in the harbor for having to much fun.  So in return I thought no better time than now to bring in my personal body guard, Ed, for security reasons. Look what the cruiser crowd did to the last young child they found walking the trails out here.  Sick people!

Since I am considered in G’town terms as the ultimate Captain and Party Boi I took the crew to Chat and Chill for some volleyball and adult beverages for the rest of the afternoon.  This photo shows how disrespectful my crew treats me after drinking Kaliks all afternoon and getting my ass whooped in volleyball. Ed also ditched me for 3 gorgeous Canadian girls. Absolutely no respect whatsoever for the Captain.


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