After a busy day yesterday it was decided that we would spend some time inland today exploring around Long Island.  First stop was Deans Blue Hole where Kristen did the cliff jump.  The Blue Hole is an amazing place to visit when in Long Island.  The view from above is absolutely mind blowing!

We hitch hiked our way out to meet my buddy Locksley for some lunch, drinks, and a boat ride through the flats of South Long Island.  Kristen had a little boyfriend love in one of our rides today.  We go to hop in the car with a young girl playing some reggae and notice this little guy sleeping in the backseat.  We told her thanks but we didn’t want to wake her little man up from his nap.  She insisted we hop in and Kristen carefully took his little head and laid it in her lap.  He was so cute and didn’t even wake up the entire ride.

Margaritas, conch salad, and fried grouper for lunch with some amazing friends on the water.  Ed had the opportunity to eat the “pistol” of the conch they were cutting up for his salad.  Honestly I have no idea exactly what part of the conch this is but apparently it gives you long lasting sex after eating it.  Weird, but hmmm OK!

Locksley Cartwright is the man when it comes to Long Island.  His boat adventures, fly fishing for bonefish, and photo shoots that his does here on a daily basis are mind blowing.  He charters daily for fishing, eco adventures, or custom photo shoots/weddings.  If ever on the island and looking for the most amazing experience make sure to look him up.  Just ask anyone on the island how to find him and you will be guaranteed the most amazing vacation ever!  Thanks again Locks, its always amazing hanging with someone who is so positive, fun, and knowledgeable.



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