We just arrived in Samana, Dominican Republic after a few days of the most amazing sailing.  We left Clarence Town, Bahamas a little over a week ago and pounded into the waves and wind all the way to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.  Our week in the Turks was pretty uneventful, unless you consider lounging around all inclusive resorts, boat projects, and plenty of heavy winds.  Pretty much why I skipped the entire last week of writing about it.  

Now onto the really good stuff, The DR!  Our first glimpse of the mountain range upon arriving from offshore was pretty epic after having been in the Bahamas and Turks flat low lying islands for the past couple months.  The rich smell of the DR mountains was incredible.  A total sensory overload while we pulled into Bahia Samana.  We pulled into the marina here at Puerto Bahia for check in and once after all that was finished I slammed a couple of beers and passed out long and hard.  Totally looking forward to spending the next couple weeks here exploring all the countryside!


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